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Dame Felicity Lott and Sam Gordon Clark CBE
at the launch of The 1876 Society, May 2018

“I am delighted to introduce The Bach Choir 1876 Society, an opportunity to thank, during their lifetimes, those people who wish to make it known that they have made a gift to The Bach Choir in their will.

By joining their legacy to ours, 1876 Society members secure for the future the unique experience of singing in this extraordinary Choir, and the value and joy it has brought to choral musicians, composers, and audiences since 1876.

I wish to extend my sincere thanks to those 1876 Society members who have chosen to remain anonymous, and to those named below for their thoughtfulness, support, and generosity.  I would also like to thank President John Rutter CBE, Vice-President Dame Felicity Lott, Musical Director David Hill, Chair Katharine Richman, and a number of Trustees of The Bach Choir, for joining me to support the 1876 Society and The Bach Choir in this way.”

Sam Gordon Clark CBE
President, The Bach Choir 1876 Society
Vice-President, The Bach Choir

For more information about the programme and how to join, please contact Development Administrator Mary-Beth Owen, devadmin@thebachchoir.org.uk


Andrew Angus
Andrew Baines
Ronald Bawtree
James Biggart
Anthony Blunt
Rose Bradshaw
Clare Brigstocke
David Brook
Stuart Brown
P G Collins
Jane Crowther
Alix de Mauny
Sarah Eley
Morag Ellis
Kate Faber
Anne Francis
Dorothy Garland
Jim & Shelagh Godwin
Sam Gordon Clark CBE
Tricia Hales
Maggie Heywood
David Hill MBE
Pam Johnson
Rosemary Keen
Christopher Lemar
Dame Felicity Lott
Sue Macdiarmid
Andrew Millinger
Penny Neary
Julia Palmer
Kit Peck
Joanna Perks
Lucy & David Picton-Turbervill
Shirley Picton-Turbervill
Richard Price
Diana Rayner
Tony Reiss
Katharine Richman
Christine Rowling
Susie Ross
John Rutter CBE
Jane Scott
John Slade
Handley Stevens
Alec Swan
Christopher Tabor
Clive & Tessa Tulloch
Jennifer Vernor-Miles
Dell Warner
Naomi Wordsworth
Ann Wright

and a number of others who wish to remain anonymous