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Please note: If you have previously been a member of The Bach Choir, or have had an audition for The Bach Choir please give dates in the Previous Membership box.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Julia Palmer, Membership Secretary, at auditions@thebachchoir.org.uk.

To understand how your data is collected and used, please read our Privacy Policy.  The Bach Choir is committed to promoting diversity and eliminating bias in the classical music industry.  The Choir uses this data solely to monitor progress towards our aim of improving access to the Choir for singers from a more diverse range of backgrounds than has traditionally been the case.

Before you apply, please make sure you can commit to our rehearsal schedule.  Rehearsals are from 6.15pm to 8.15pm (sometimes later) every Monday.  We rehearse intensively on just one evening a week, often preparing several programmes simultaneously. As a result we operate a strict qualification policy which means that only those who attend at least the minimum number (usually three quarters but sometimes more) of rehearsals for a particular concert are allowed to sing in that concert. In addition, in order to qualify for a concert, singers must attend the final piano rehearsal and a mid-afternoon rehearsal on the day of the concert, which can often be a weekday.  In practice this could mean attending all but one Monday evening rehearsals for a concert.  Potential singing members should consider carefully whether they can fulfill this commitment before putting themselves forward for audition.  For some events, where rehearsal time is very limited, singers are often required to attend all rehearsals in order to qualify to sing. This is essential in order that we maintain the high standards for which we are renowned.

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