About Vocalise!

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About Vocalise!

Since its inception in 2010, our outreach programme has shared the joy of singing with more than 4,000 primary school children in London. The Bach Choir is a partner with the Tri-borough Music Hub, which serves the London boroughs of Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham, and the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. In 2018 we renamed the programme Vocalise! and also began to work with schools in Tower Hamlets.


A volunteer animateur shows children what musical notation looks like

A volunteer animateur shows children what musical notation looks like

The programme

Each year we plan a series of workshops and rehearsals culminating in a public performance in one of London’s concert halls, such as St. John’s Smith Square or the Royal Albert Hall.

The children, many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds, have often had little opportunity to express themselves through singing. We watch them learn and develop through the year, gaining confidence with every session.

We encourage parents and guardians to get involved too. They are invited to observe workshops and rehearsals, and are offered a complimentary ticket to the final performance.


One of our volunteer anumateurs leads a workshop with children from ARK Brunel Primary Academy

One of our volunteer animateurs leads a workshop with children from ARK Brunel Primary Academy

The people

Vocalise! relies on volunteers from The Bach Choir. Each workshop is led by an animateur, with a conductor and accompanist, and a small group of singers who are volunteers from the Choir and who sing to and with the children. We are proud of our workshops: our ability to expose the children to four-part harmony, and especially to men’s voices, has proved particularly popular and is part of what makes The Bach Choir outreach programme so special. Many of the children have never previously experienced the thrill of singing in harmony, or even listened to a choir singing live.


Outreach Administrator: Aliss Pollock aliss.pollock@thebachchoir.org.uk
General Manager: Nick Cutts genman@thebachchoir.org.uk


The teachers

An important part of Vocalise! is helping the teachers to provide high-quality music education in their schools. We have run workshops for our participating primary school teachers to learn about and practise techniques for leading singing with children. These sessions also serve as a forum for teachers to share best practice and suitable repertoire and vocal exercises. Read about a previous training day.


2019/20 funders

The Bach Choir is grateful to The Alchemy Foundation for their generous support of this year’s Vocalise! schools’ programme.


Past concerts

2018-19: Sounds of Music (PDF)

2017-18: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (PDF)

2016-17: The Pied Piper of Hamelin

2015-16: Lights, Stories, Noise, Dreams, Love, and Noodles

2014-15: Mr. Lear, Nonsense and Rhyme

2013-14: Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo

2012-13: The World in Folk Song

2011-12: The Angry Planet


Policy documents

The Bach Choir Safeguarding Policy

Tri-Borough Music Hub Safeguarding Policy