Mass in B Minor – David Hill reflects on a great masterpiece

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Mass in B Minor – David Hill reflects on a great masterpiece

The Bach Choir will be performing Bach’s Mass in B Minor at the Royal Festival Hall on Tuesday 11th February. But what makes this piece so special? The Musical Director of The Bach Choir, David Hill, explains…

“There are many things which can make one smile with anticipation, none more so than the prospect of performing Bach’s B minor Mass. It is one of the finest works in the canon of western music and, for many, easily occupies a place in their Desert Island collection. Why is it so special? There are many reasons, not least in its summation of Bach’s genius as a writer for voices and instruments with equal brilliance. There are solos, duets, trios, choral homophony (chordal) and incredible counterpoint from 4 to 8 parts; there is joy, sadness, melancholy and, above all, inspired melodic material interweaving through the compositional elements. The Mass in B minor is a consecration of a whole life. It was started in 1733 and completed the year before he died, by which stage he was blind. He never heard it in his lifetime. In a nutshell, it combines all of Bach’s monumental gifts as a composer alongside his devotion to God. Once again, as The Bach Choir sets out to conquer and celebrate this great work and the main reason they were formed to perform it for the first time nearly 150 years ago, be assured there will be no lack of commitment or energy in producing the finest performance possible for a work which means so much to so many.’

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear The Bach Choir, the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment and top soloists serve up a musical feast. Tickets are available here.