The Bach Choir tenor Daniel Spring strikes the right note!

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The Bach Choir tenor Daniel Spring strikes the right note!

Daniel Spring, rowing expert and first tenor with The Bach Choir, is featured in the current issue of  Rowing and Regatta magazine.  Daniel, pictured centre, well-known in the rowing world as Fatsculler, has become an expert on elite-level rowing with his views sought by leading national newspapers.  Writing about rowing has compensated for the fact that Daniel has been unable to row for the past five years due to injury but he hopes to be back in a boat soon. Meanwhile he continues to write – this is his blog: danielwspring.wordpress.com – and pursue his other great passion, which is singing.

Music has always played a huge part in his life; he was a professional tenor with Chichester Cathedral Choir for six years before joining The Bach Choir, and he finds many parallels between singing and rowing:

“When you’re in a choir with a group of people singing the same part, you all have to phrase together and breathe together. It’s the same as being in a crew boat – you have to do the phrasing of the stroke together. Singing teaches you how to breathe from the diaphragm, and in rowing, being able to breathe properly under pressure really helps. And when you stand up on a concert platform, you have to deliver the best performance you can at that moment in time. There are no second chances. It’s the same when you’re at the start line in a race.”

Read the full article in the January/February edition of Rowing and Regatta magazine

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