Bach Inspired

Bach Inspired

Our new album Bach Inspired is out now. You can stream or download it from your preferred online service here, or if you’d prefer to you can buy a copy of our CD at the Bach Inspired album launch on 19 March or at our concerts. You can buy tickets to the launch event which also includes a discussion on Bach and his relevance today between David Hill and Richard Morrison by clicking here.

What is Bach Inspired? 

Asteroids have been named after J.S. Bach. Beethoven called him ‘the father of harmony’. Without this hard-working, coffee-loving genius, the music of our planet would be very different. Bach found ways to master the art of harmony which have fascinated musicians ever since, from Mozart to Radiohead. In short, we are all #Bachinspired.

Bach Inspired is a passion project which was born in the first lockdown of March 2020. We gave composers James B Wilson, Gavin Higgins, Héloïse Werner, Charlotte Harding, Carmen Ho and Des Oliver the challenge of creating one new choral work each based on the St Matthew Passion chorales. They were given complete freedom to choose their text and were invited to challenge, explore and take risks. The resulting album features these six new works and recordings of the original Bach chorales – it is a ground-breaking album which opens and sustains a dialogue between the past and present of classical music. The album was made by these six composers, David Hill, the Faust Chamber Orchestra and of course The Bach Choir. Their settings draw on words from Hildegard of Bingen to George Herbert, and Arthur Rimbaud to Sarojini Naidu. The pieces were recorded in Summer 2021 at St John’s Smith Square, and the recording and release of the album were funded by your generous donations in the Kickstarter campaign we ran at the end of 2021. Thank you to everyone who donated to this.

If you want to find out more about how we created this work in the trying year of 2021, click this link to see a glimpse into the recording process and to hear from David Hill, Mark Austin and all six of our Bach Inspired composers.

The Bahc Inspired journey – two years in the making

You can also read Mark Austin’s recounting of the entire Bach Inspired journey in his Planet Hugill article here – Mark was the originator the Bach Inspired idea. If you want to know even more about this wonderful project, you can hear Mark Austin and David Hill discussing Bach Inspired in this podcast, too.

Listen to Bach Inspired now by using this link.

The St Matthew Passion

If you’re a St Matthew Passion devotee, the good news doesn’t end there. This piece is a work that The Bach Choir is renowned for performing annually to an exceptionally high standard and we are delighted to be returning to the concert platform on this Palm Sunday after a two-year break at the Royal Festival Hall on April 10 2022. Buy your tickets to the St Matthew Passion now by clicking here.

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