LONDON: Lights, Stories, Noise, Dreams, Love, and Noodles

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17th June 2016
Fri 6.30pm

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LONDON: Lights, Stories, Noise, Dreams, Love, and Noodles

Bob Chilcott  London Bells & Good Morrow

(from Songs and Cries of London Town)

arr Ian de Massini  A Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square

arr Willcocks  Sweet Lass of Richmond Hill

arr Stuart Calvert A selection of London songs

arr Sally Greaves  London by night

arr Sally Greaves  Burlington Bertie

Will Todd  London: Lights, Stories, Noise, Dreams, Love, and Noodles (world premiere) Libretto by Michael Rosen




Central Hall, Westminster, London

Conductor - David Hill

The Young Singers

Children from The Bach Choir's Outreach Project

Concert Synopsis

Commissioned by The Bach Choir, Will Todd’s song cycle is an energetic tour de force about our great capital city – the bright lights, the contrast between old and new, the vibrancy and changing landscapes, the romance and cosmopolitan diversity – with a libretto by Michael Rosen.  The Bach Choir is joined by children from The Bach Choir Outreach Project, The Young Singers, and accompanied by jazz piano and percussion.

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Notes From the Composer / Conductor

will_at_piano_ls_2011 300From the jazz mass setting of Mass in Blue to commissions for the Diamond Jubilee and President Obama’s inauguration celebrations, Will Todd’s music is sung and loved all over the world.  This season he’ll be working with The Bach Choir and The Young Singers on a piece about London, so we caught up with him to find out more.

What are your personal experiences of London?

I’ve lived in and near London for 20 years.  I have lots of different experiences and places – what a varied city to live in!  There are huge extremes of everything – it’s a vast melting pot.  I enjoyed working with the English National Opera outreach programme some years ago in the East End and more recently in West London with Opera Holland Park outreach.

How will you approach the writing of the piece?

First I think about the overall structure of the piece – where the different choirs are going to fit in.  Then it’s about finding/creating/commissioning the right text.  Finally I sit at my piano and search for inspiration ….

What aspects of working with The Bach Choir and The Young Singers are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to attending some of the Outreach workshops in September.  I’m also looking forward to the gradual process of bringing all the choirs together and creating the final sound with the band and percussion.