Why Listen to Bach? The Bach Inspired launch party

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19th March 2022
Sat 6.30pm

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Why Listen to Bach? The Bach Inspired launch party

Bach Inspired

St John's Smith Square, London

Director - David Hill

Orchestra - Faust Chamber Orchestra

Conductor - David Hill

Conductor of Faust Chamber Orchestra/Speaker - Mark Austin

Composer/Speaker - Helöise Werner

Composer/Speaker - James B Wilson

Composer/Speaker - Gavin Higgins

Composer/Speaker - Charlotte Harding

Composer/Speaker - Carmen Ho

Composer/Speaker - Des Oliver

Concert Synopsis

Join us for a relaxed evening in the company of award-winning musicians on March 19 2022 at St John’s Smith Square.  Get a drink at the bar and listen to David Hill and Richard Morrison discuss what Bach’s music means today. Why is Bach so important? What’s the best way to listen to his music? Is Bach’s place in the repertoire safe?

You will also meet the composers of The Bach Choir’s exciting new album Bach Inspired, which will be released on March 18. This extraordinary collection showcases six brilliant new choral works, each inspired by a different chorale from Bach’s St Matthew Passion. Mark Austin will interview the composers about their pieces, and we will hear extracts from the album.

Join us for an accessible introduction to Bach, and be in the room as a new album inspired by his music is launched.


David Hill (Musical Director, The Bach Choir)

Richard Morrison (Chief Culture Writer, The Times)

Mark Austin (Conductor, pianist)

Heloise Werner (Composer, soprano)

Des Oliver (Composer)

Gavin Higgins (Composer)

Carmen Ho (Composer)

James B Wilson (Composer)

Charlotte Harding (Composer)

Times: 6.30 – 8.30pm (doors open 6pm)

Prices: £12, £5 student